On-board: Color Line Magic Cruise from Oslo, Norway to Kiel, Germany.

When we were in Norway, we got the chance to experience a Scandinavian cruise to be cherished for a lifetime. My husband’s brother based in Oslo, Norway booked us in Color Line Magic Cruise together with his family. It was January 3, 2017, on a winter when we board the largest cruise ferry in Europe, MS Color Magic. It is owned and operated by the Norway-based shipping company Color Line on their route connecting Oslo, Norway to Kiel, Germany. It was built at Aker Finnyards Rauma Shipyard, Finland in 2007 (Wikipedia).

 <img alt="Oslo Port" src="https://mysallyonlineblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/1111-e1527636222915.jpg">

Oslo Port

Oslo Port
We stayed in a standard cabin with a comfortable bed and an upper bunk bed, a sofa and a dresser. Included in the cabin are flat TV, small ref, telephone, and hairdryer. They also provide bed linens, towels, and toiletries. The cabin cleaner arrives to clean the cabin when the ship docks at the Port of Kiel and while the passengers are out.

The hallway between cabins


Inside the cabin


Toilet and Shower Room

Color Magic did not disappoint us with its high-class cruise amenities which include a variety of delicious restaurants and bars, disco, casino, spa and fitness center for relaxation, amusement and recreational center for kids, and many more.

The Grand Buffet offers a decent selection of savory homemade dishes. We tried their smoked, marinated, or cured seafood, meat, soup of the day, crunchy vegetables, and fresh salads. There are also delicious cheeses to choose from and there is also the mouth-watering dessert selection. For the kids, they have the special Captain Kid buffet. There is a pianist that adds to the pleasant ambiance by playing classical music. All the waiters and food attendants are smiling and friendly.

 <img alt="Colorline Magic Cruise" src="https://mysallyonlineblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/13321.jpeg">

Grand Buffet Color Line Magic Cruise

Grand Buffet entrance

Inside the restaurant is a spacious area for the guests. A wide variety of food tastes awesome. We enjoyed our meal and the music.



Oceanic a la Carte & Gourmet restaurant

If you’re feeling lucky or just want to try for fun, There is a Casino equipped with slot machines and other games like roulette and Black Jack. It has its own bar and opens from 2 pm (minors not allowed).



On board is a wide range of exclusive and well-known brands at an affordable price. A tax-free store that offers a wide variety of alcohol, tobacco, food, chocolates and other sweets. Opening hours are 8-9:45 am and 2:30-10 pm.


Perfumes and Cosmetics Shop sells at duty-free prices. There are several different, well-known and luxury brands such as Versace, Prada, Chanel among others. opening hours are 8:30-9:45 am and 2-12 pm.


Fashionize! Is a store that offers assorted trendy accessories including jewelry, scarves, sunglasses and exciting products that everyone will love. In the shop, you will find brands such as Snö of Sweden, Modalu, Michael Kors sunglasses, ADAX, MOO, Ti Sento and NUDE. opening hours are 8:30-9:45 am and 2-12 pm


In the evening, we watched and enjoyed the fantastic musical show in the ship’s Magic Show Lounge. Color Magic have two different shows one is performed from Oslo to Kiel and the other is performed from Kiel to Oslo. Each performance lasted about 45 minutes.

Magic Show Lounge Entrance

The shows were performed by the Scandinavia’s top musical artists. Shows are included in the ticket. It was energetic dance mix, lively music, vibrant colors, and joyful performance. Waiters go around to take orders. Bringing of food is not allowed inside. The taking of pictures during the show is also prohibited.


at the lounge, before the show starts

Kid’s Corner is a children’s playground (unattended) area for toddlers (age limit 2-6 yo) equipped with toys, games, and TV (for watching cartoons)


Kids love the Adventure Planet. This is the place for the playful ones. A place for older children, young children and everyone in between. Here they will play different game variations, shapes, colors, and sounds. Play against each other or challenge themselves. The Adventure Planet can be found in the middle of the ship on deck 12, close to Aqualand.




The Cruise Ship’s Roof Deck has a fantastic view. The weather was just fine for sailing. We enjoyed the view and the cold weather.





Arrival at the Port of Kiel.

Kiel is the capital city of the German state of Schleswig-Holstein.


Kiel, Germany

Located directly next to the harbor and the main station is the Karstadt shopping mall. The shopping experience at the Karstatd Mall is ordinary though there are lots of sale items. The mall’s huge sailboat attracts attention because of its gold and silver design. There are lots of restaurants and fast food chain stores to choose from. The supermarket has lots of items on sale.

 <img alt="Karstadt Shopping Mall" src="https://mysallyonlineblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/1204.jpg">

Inside the Karstadt Shopping Mall

The kids bought pizza at this store and said: “This is the best pizza ever!” I never tasted it so I will not object to their taste buds.


It is less cold inside the mall so why not take the opportunity to eat ice cream in the winter.


A stroll in the area was the only thing we can do because we need to go back to the ship 1 hour before the departure.

 <img alt="Kiel Hauptbahnhof Germany" src="https://mysallyonlineblog.files.wordpress.com/2018/05/1261.jpg">

Kiel Hauptbahnhof


Kiel, Germany


Things to remember:

  • Bring proof of Identification like passport etc.
  • Bringing of electrical appliances are not allowed.
  • WiFi is available at an extra cost. Wi-Fi access codes are available for purchase at the reception desk.
  • No fire or flames allowed (including candles etc).
  • Always follow the safety reminders on board.

We hope we inspired everyone reading this blog in our once in a lifetime travel experience. We also hope you will have your own stories to tell too. Planning and right timing are the keys to your next journey.

Thank you for reading! God bless! Bon Voyage!


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