Want to Explore the Kingdom of Norway on a Winter? Here’re Some Travel Tips and Ideas.

Holidays are best celebrated with family. We thought of celebrating Christmas with our family based in Norway that time. Getting a Schengen Visa (our very first visa application) in Norway was a breeze for us since Allan, my brother-in-law, provided some of the documents the embassy requires.

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers, and deep coastal fjords. Oslo is the capital, largest and most populous city in Norway. When I think of Norway, the things that comes to my mind are the country’s climate, the Northern Lights and the country’s expensive living.

Back in December 15, 2016, we flew from Manila to Norway via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. We stopped in Taiwan Airport for a while then go back to the plane after an hour. Our layover was in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. It was a long (16 hours) but enjoyable trip. The in-flight meal served are filling and delicious. In flight entertainment was good and has plenty movie options. All the airline attendants are friendly, helpful and accommodating. They gave my daughter a kiddie travel kit that she enjoyed during the trip.

It was freezing cold when we Arrived at Oslo Airport. Yes, it was our very first icicle sight.


Oslo Airport, Gardermoen

On our way to Oslo, are sights of frozen spruce which made the scene more like of a white Christmas that I’ve seen in movies.


Frozen spruce alongside

In Norway, there are lots of free activities that is also enjoyable and worth visiting like we did in most of our tour. Below are the places we visited together with our family in Norway, Allan, Juliet and the kids.

OSLO CENTER is where most of the important buildings are located. We walked around and was fascinated with the panoramic view of Oslo.

Oslo Opera House is a place of Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. The building’s structure looks like a flat iceberg from afar maybe because it is build at the center of the oslofjord banks. The exterior was made of white marble and glass while the interior was made of wood from oak tree.


The Oslo Opera House

Climbing up to the roof top was hard since it was very slippery but we enjoyed and admired the breathtaking view of the whole city including the fjord.


Icy white marble tiles of the Opera House

The whole Oslo City can be viewed from the roof top. On this side is the view of a progressive city with high rised buildings and busy highways.

On the other side of Opera’s roof top view, was the Oslofjord with a freezing water and a few buildings.



Parliament Building The building is built in yellow brick with details and basement in light gray granite. It is one of the most beautiful Parliament buildings in Europe.


Parliament Building

Walking around the Oslo Center was fun because there are lots of unexpected and weird statue displayed.




Oslo Radhus (City Hall) – It houses the city council, city administration, and Art studios & Galleries. Oslo Radhus is a must visit place since Oslo’s rich history is here. No entrance fee here.

Akersus Fortress or Akersus Castle is built to provide royal residence for Oslo. It was once used as a military base, a prison and also as a government office. It is situated in the center of Oslo. The fortress is known for its lush greenery (but not so much during winter) and a recreational area. No entrance fee required.


Castle Guard


DRØWBAK PLACE is where the Christmas Village located. Locals here believed that Santa Clause was born here hundred years ago. Interesting place to visit thinking that Santa Clause is not coming to town because he lives here! Unluckily, we did not see Santa because he is not around during our tour. We were not able to check his schedule beforehand.

Julehuset or Christmas House is one of the main attractions of Drøwbak place in Norway. Every thing about Christmas are here.


Welcome to Christmas House

When we came in , I really felt that we entered into a magical world. There are lots of santas, trolls, elves and other Christmas displays. This place will bring out the kid in you.

Roaming around, we found the beautiful Mermaid Statue near the Oslofjord. The place was very calm with a very few tourists around.


Mermaid Statue

We enjoyed the view but it was very cold in the place so we have to go back to the car.


Vigeland Sculpture Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Norway. It is the world’s largest sculpure made by Norwegian sculptor Adolf Gustav Thorsen. There are over 200 statues of people in action created by the artist. The park is a must visit and no entrance fee.


A large totem pole combining many different sculptures into one.

It is also known as the Frognerparken. This park is like a large, open museum with lots of trees . Just imagine entering inside a museum with a nature park! Amazing, indeed!

Another one of a kind people in action sculptures. It is truly an awe-inspiring sight.

Going to Ostfoldbadet, we passed by the Askim-Porten Tunnel.


Inside the Askim-Porten tunnel

Ostofoldbadet is a water park located in Askim, Norway. It has an indoor pool, a wave pool, a hot pool, slides, sauna, and a small cafe.


The main pool

Hot pool

When it’s snowing, it’s time for gliding! So, we took our sledge and slide downhill at Oslo Winter Ski Park. We enjoyed not only the activity but also the view.

If you are planning to visit Norway on a winter, be prepared for their climate. Use appropriate winter attire (layering is a must) from head to foot.

There are still a lot to share but I lost some of our pictures.

Thank you for viewing!

God bless!

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