What to expect at Fantasy World Lemery Batangas


Is an amusement and a theme park located in Diokno Highway, Lemery, Batangas. It is a disneyesque place where everyone, young and old will enjoy. It was originally planned as the Disneyland of the Philippines but was left unfinished for some financial reasons.

Going to Taal Batangas via Aguinaldo Highway, the castle will not escape from your sight from afar. We always wanted to see what’s inside whenever we pass by at this road. When we got the opportunity, we decided to come inside. There’s an entrance fee of P 1,000 good for 10 persons. Sadly, we’re only four but still have to pay the entrance fee of P 1,000. I saw young people (group of 4) beside the gate and asked them if they are willing to join and share P 500. We agreed to come as a group but parted ways upon entering.

Contrary to what I expected, being deserted and not in operation for a long time, and from what I’ve heard from others who already visited, where they described the place as creepy, not appealing and unworthy of a visit, Fantasy World is clean and well maintained. A gorgeous place to spend some time with your loved ones.

The main entrance of the palace. The guard on duty asked for the receipt then put a red stamp on our arms.

There’s a free parking area in front of the castle.

Fantasy World was originally called amusement and theme park but since the rides and attractions installed in the area are not running, it is now converted into a photo park.

Things to do inside:

  • Roam – walk around and bedazzled with beautiful castles and lush greens. Additional attraction is the majestic Taal Lake view.

  • Climb the tree house – giving it an extra climbing effort will be rewarding as the view from the top of the tree house is all worth it. Crossing over the hanging bridge going to the opposite tree house may add to your adventure. Do not fret, it’s safe.

  • Strike a pose like a royalty in the palace at this kingdom seat wearing your costumes beside the knight in shining armour. Costume rental is P 300. Photo only without the costume is P 150.

  • Grab a bite – You can take a snack if you want. There’s a small store that sells snack just beside the kingdom throne photo area.
  • Pray – there’s a chapel inside where you can get in. There are prayer books inside.

  • Take more photos – Take pictures as many as you can with this enchanted, beautiful place. Surely an Instagram worthy photo is ready to be uploaded.

Adorable fountains are perfect backdrop for a whole new world IG story.

Mini Ferris Wheel and Roller coaster not in operation also great for an insta photo background.

If you happen to pass by along Diokno Highway, Lemery, Batangas, Fantasy World would be an interesting place to visit. You and your kids will definitely love it. Just don’t forget to wear nice dress and bring your camera phone for your Disney fantasy photos.

Travel time from Manila is less than 2 hours depending on the traffic situation along Aguinaldo Highway.

Address: Diokno Highway Barangay Mayasang, Lemery, Batangas
Manila Tel Nos: 833-6566, 834-2673, 831-0813, 831-0782

Thank you for reading

God bless!

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