Galleria Taal…A One of a Kind Vintage Camera Museum in the Philippines.

Can you imagine life without a camera? Camera plays a big part of our lives particularly in todays digital age. Captured moments will become memories or history later on. Nowadays, photos are being uploaded to social media in an instant. From getting up in the morning, to drinking coffee, dressing up for an OOTD, until retiring at night, and thus creating a timeline to keep our social media friends posted.

Not so long ago, we used camera that needs a film roll. After taking shots, the negative (the dark plastic film) will be develop to create copies. at present, we use digital and smart phone cameras which is readily available for a snapshot.

If you are fond of cameras and photography is your passion, you must visit GALLERIA TAAL in Batangas.

<img alt="Galleria Taals" src="">

Old house’s main entry


The Galleria Taal is the first and only vintage camera museum in the Philippines.

What’s inside:

  1. Antique cameras from 1800’s to 1900’s.
  2. Gallery of Philippine antiquarian of the 1800’s American occupation
  3. Rare photos of old Manila
  4. Photos of Marcos era and Edsa revolution
  5. Cafe and Restaurant

“Lancaster Half Plate Instantograph Camera” Made in England, year 1894



Asahi Pentax Camera 1960’s and above




One of the vintage cameras on display

These cameras are from the collections of Mr. Manny Inumerable, a civil engineer and a businessman. According to Karen, one of the gallery staff, all the cameras on display are still functioning and are in good condition.

The gallery was the former house of Ilagan-Barrion family, now ressurected and renamed GALLERIA TAAL.

The heritage house itself is already an attraction as it was built during the Spanish era.


stairs going to the 2nd floor where the museum located


Photographs of the family members


Dining area

The ground floor was converted into a cafe and restaurant that caters local food.


I hope you will drop by at the Galleria Taal when you visit the heritage place, TAAL, BATANGAS. This is the place where you will find fascinating types of well-preserved cameras.

Gallery location: Agoncillo Street, Taal, Batangas

Admission fee: 100 each person

Opening hours: 8AM – 8PM

Contact info: Museum Caretaker 0906 7632449

Thank you for reading!

God bless!

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