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The Dessert Museum Manila: Makes Life Just A Little Sweeter.

The Dessert Museum : Satisfy your cravings with these 8 mouthwatering dessert rooms. Warning!!! They only look sweet but everything inside are not edible except for the free dessert treats.

The entrance of the museum gives an idea of what to expect inside. A popsicle door, wall with chocolate dripping, and a huge donut, will make your heart jump with excitement.

At the counter, I presented the voucher I booked online via at P560 each. The staff gave us the blue wristband to be used for claiming our free dessert. There are 8 themed rooms to visit for a maximum of two hours.

Room #1

The Raining Donuts Room

Get inside through a donut hole; go down using the stairs or slide down.

“When it rains, it pours” but “donut worry, be happy” beacause it’s raining donuts here. Hanging donuts with pink frosting is like a scene in a Disney movie.

Aside from the hanging donuts, a donut wall is a nice backdrop for your social media feed.

Claimed my first dessert before going to the next room. I just wish they gave donuts to match with the themed room.

Room #2

Room of Ten Thousand Marshmallow. I was entranced by the cluster of marshmallows hanged from the ceiling.

Hanging marshmallows are not real but marshmallows at the end of the rainbow are the real one.

It’s nice to know theses amazing Fun facts about marshmallow.

Marshmallow with chocolate dipping. (choice of chocolate or strawberry dipping). Our free dessert at the Marshmallow room.

Room #3

Candy Cane Grove Rooom. These tall candy canes with pink and blue shade are very pleasant to the eyes. It’s more like of a candy cane playground than a grove.

This colorful candy shop will bring out the kid in you.

Things to do inside: walk, jump (jumping rope provided) , swing, move up and down with a friend on a seesaw.

Naughty or nice? Pink or blue? Both doors can be an IG feed that your friends will surely like.

Instagrammable backdrop with red lip perfect for your OOTD.

Complimentary treat at candy cane room.

Room #4

Ice Cream Room
Room filled with baloons and balls.

This picture reminds me of scene from the Disney movie UP.

Ice cream time! Choose your flavor but this is not real.

My free dessert is a fruity ice pop.

Room #5

The Gum Ball Room
We get inside this giant gum ball dispenser wherein balloons were blown by air. We had so much fun inside.

Amazing fun fact about bubble gum.

Room #6

Land of Giant Gummies Huge inflatable bears and giant pink cranes matched with lots of colorful balloons.

Tour guides were also dressed for the themed rooms.

You can relax at these bath tub half filled with balls.

This rooms dessert treat are sugar coated oreo cookies. I’m expecting a gummy bearšŸ˜„

Room #7

Cotton Candy Forest

The room is decorates with pink cotton candy trees and tree house.

Expect a cotton candy dreamland when you enter.

Now this is so sweet!!! Tap your wristband for a free cotton candy. More cotton candy please!

Room #8

Cake Pops Carnival Giant cake pops swing with carnivalesque backdrop. Have your picture taken at this Insta worthy and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking ball” feels.

Boys can play basketball here. Cake trivia is written on the wall for an interesting info.

We ended our sweet tour at the souvenir shop.

We had so much fun and learnings inside but the tour lasted for two hours only.


  • Book your ticket online (cheaper than walk in rate of P 799).
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Lost wristband will cost P 300 (wristband must be surrendered after the tour).
  • Be mindful of your belongings while taking pictures.
  • Bringing toddlers will require extra care since they might mistakenly eat fake desserts in the museum.
  • Choose outfits to match with the themes.

Museum Address: G/F, S Maison Mall Conrad Hotel, MOA Complex, Pasay City.

Operating hours: 10 AM to 10 PM

Thank you for reading!

God bless!<a href="http://“>klook


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