College Friends Meet Up at Lamesa Grill MOA.

Meeting up with college friends give us a little piece of the past. College days are far more different from our high school days, nevertheless, we still manage to have fun during our spare time.

After our college graduation at PUP Sta. Mesa, some of us succeeded and made it to the corporate ladder, some are still struggling and some are successful CPA practioner. Yes, things changed a lot but having seen them after a while made me realize that the only thing that change is our status in life and in society.

Last Friday, October 26 we met our former classmate/friend Lenie already based in Singapore. We thought of bringing her to a Filipino restaurant which we know she will like. Liza recommended Lamesa Grill.

Lamesa Grill is a Filipino restaurant located at the Ground Floor, North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. It is a casual dining perfect for a group like family or friends.

We waited for a few minutes to be seated since the restaurant is full as expected in a Friday night. I took a picture of my friends while waiting to get in.

The restaurant is cozy and simple. The wooden chandelier, tables and chairs made the place homey.

We prefer to stay at the mezzanine since we wanted a little privacy.

They offer promo for a group of 5 to 6 persons at an affordable price of P 899 only.

Food we ordered are grilled seafoods and pork barbeque, sisig, fried rice, karekare, bulalo and two other dishes which I forgot to take a photo because we are very busy chitchatting, laughing and taking pictures.

Grilled seafoods and pork bbq

Pork sisig

Bagoong rice


They also serve drinks like juices and alcoholic beverages.

… including pulutan (appetizer taken with alcoholic drinks)

It shows that we are all happy seeing each other again after a long time.

By the way, my friends name are Eliza, Caren, Sol, Cathy, Lenie and Liza.

Thank you for reading our story.

God bless!


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