How We Enjoyed Taipei, Taiwan in 4 days on a budget.

Ni Hao! We took advantage of the visa- free entry to Taiwan when we traveled to this country last December 2018. Visiting Taiwan was not in our plan but due to its extended visa-free travel program for Filipinos, I thought of not missing this opportunity. I booked three Round trip tickets from NAIA Terminal 3 to Tayoan Airport via Eva Airways. Ticket for each pax costs 9,000 inclusive of 20 kilos baggage allowance and in flight meal.

In flight meal

For kids


We arrived at Tayoan International Airport at around 6:30 AM. Things we did upon arrival:

  • Proceeded to the Immigration Office
  • Claimed our baggage
  • Withdrew cash at the ATM (w/cirrus logo located at the ground floor)
  • Picked up the 4G SIM card that we purchased at KKday (3 days unlimited data priced at P 446).
  • Bought 3 metro easy card at 7/11 convenience store located at the ground floor of the airport. (card itself costs 100NT$, topped it up with 400 NT$)

Inside the MTR

We headed directly to the Walker Hotel-Zhengyi (booked Deluxe Family Rm for 3 nights NT$ 3,834) since I requested for an early check-in, we left our things at the hotel then we started to roam around the city. These are the places we visited for 4 days.

Day 1


Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf is a scenic spot in Tamsui district. This is the best place to watch the view of the sunset and buy fresh seafood. The local government build a bridge that resembles a ship and was opened to public on February 14, 2003, Valentine’s Day, and called it “Lover’s Bridge”. No entrance fee here.

Lovers bridge

There’s a large heart sculpture at the entrance of Tamsui Bridge which made the place very romantic.

We had a nice leisurely stroll at this wooden path that stretches over the waterfront. Fresh air and quiet moment while here refreshes us from our tiring travel from Manila.

Restaurants, food stalls and souvenir shops are also available here.

If you want to conveniently go around the area, there’s a ubike kiosk available.

Seafood Market


One of the famous landmarks in Xinyi District, Taipei, used to be the tallest building in the world before Burj Khalifa in Dubai, this place should not be missed out when visiting Taipei. This skyscraper has 101 stories and reaches the height including the spire of 1,667 feet.

Although the building has a fantastic view at the top, we opted not to go up because of my daughter’s fear of heights. We just dine at the jampacked food court, look for some souvenir items and go around in the mall. Outside the building were adorable street arts made by famous artists.

Street art outside Taipei 101:

A steel cable statue artwork was named Infinite Life. It is a representation of fetus on early stages of life. This embryonic sculpture artwork is made from discarded elevator cables of the tower. A temporary art sculpture by Taiwanese artist Kang Mu-hsiang.

Metal coin statue of numbers 101 are also on display

Colorful glass walls are lined up where the history and other information of Taipei 101 was written. These colorful stained glass walls illuminate at night.

This metal red LOVE sign is very popular all over the world. Taipei has its own Love sign located in front of the tower. No one misses to take a photo on this spot so expect a lot of tourist here . It is an outdoor installation artwork by the internationally famous artist Robert Indiana to wish the world peace and prosperity.

Day 2

Exploring the scenic town of Ruifang:

We hired a taxi that costs NT$ 3,000 going to Yilan coast, Shifen, and Pingxi area.

Northeast & Yilan Coast National Scenic Area– this area is famous for its numerous capes and bays. Its attractions include spectacular rock formation backed with green mountains.

Shifen Waterfall Park is widely regarded as the most scenic place in Taiwan. Walking through the waterfall is a true beauty of nature.

Shifen Bridge

Well known for the Shifen Waterfall, a 40 meter waterfall that creates a rainbow as it splashes into the lake.

The whole area is very scenic from the bridge down to the park.

At the park

Still part of the park

Shifen Old Street

Pingxi Old Street

The driver Recommends that we should visit the old street at night.

This area is known for setting up a Chinese lantern. We write our wish on the lantern and set it up to the sky. What a beautiful experience.

A loud whistle warns everyone that there is a train approaching.

Day 3


Animal lover or not, Taipei Zoo is a must visit destination in Taiwan.

The place can be easily navigated by foot or you can ride a train to avoid walking. The zoo has a beautiful landscape so you will not get bored or get tired while going on each zoo animals location.

At the butterfly garden this place is very educational for the very young children where they can learn the different parts and species of the butterfly.

Maokong Village

Going to Maokong Village can be done by riding gondola from Taipei Zoo using the easy card. The gondola’s capacity is only 4.

Enjoying the view while inside the gondola is another rare experience in Taipei City.

Click here for the full blog of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Dinner at F Diner Buffet Restaurant

We enjoyed the traditional Chinese and Japanese food served at Fdiner buffet restaurant with my high school friend, Cora and his employer.

Raohe Night Market (Xinyi District) is one of the oldest night market in Taipei.

There is a beautiful temple right beside the market. We did not get in since we do not wanted to bother the worshippers inside the temple.

Street food and souvenir items are the best buys here.

Day 4

Travel back to Manila.

We checked out from our hotel but since it’s too early to go to the airport, we prefer to explore the central station

Things to do here:

Buy souvenir items at Line Friends store. There are a lot of cute and adorable stuff are selling here from cellphone to home and office accessories.

Enjoy fresh bubble tea at Coco.

Enjoy the contemporary arts scattered around.

3D wall art

We use the easy card and a 3 day unlimited pass for the Taipei Metro subways and buses on our entire trip. The unlimited pass is valid only within Taipei City so we use the easy card for our transportation whenever we go outside the city.

Our Taipei adventure ended here.

Thank you for reading!

God bless always!

❤️Aris & Sally🇵🇭

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