A Magical experience at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Universal Studios Japan

Potterheads or not, Wizarding World of Harry Potter (WWoHP) is a must see attraction in Universal Studios Japan. WWoHP is one of the reasons why we planned a trip to Japan since my 12 year old daughter never gets tired of watching Harry Potter movies. The moment she knew that we are going to Japan to experience Harry Potter, she got really excited.Universal Studio Japan is a theme park with a world class entertainment for all ages to enjoy. It is filled with thrilling rides, magical experience, fantastic food, and a lot of cute stuff.

Where we get our tickets

Our USJ Wizarding World of Harry Potter ticket was purchased at Klook priced at P 3,543 but because I redeemed my credit points and discounts, I paid P 3,245 only for each pax.

They sent us the e-ticket afterwards. I screenshot the e-ticket for the QR code to be scanned at the entrance gate.

We headed directly at the gate since we already have the e-ticket. The QR code was scanned, bags were checked to make sure that we did not bring anything that is prohibited inside the theme park. Check out👉Rules and manners inside the theme park.She welcomed us with her bright smile as we enter the park.

The theme park is so large so make sure you know the location of the particular attraction you purchased beforehand.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter download the location map here

Walking through the the pathway, Just before the Hogsmeade Village gate, the enchanted light blue Ford Anglia car can be seen crashed on the woods. There’s a background Harry Potter sound effect everywhere setting the mood for the theme.

Hogsmeade Village is a sight to behold. Everything here can be found in the Harry Potter film series.

As we enter the village gate, we saw the Hogwarts Express where a lot of tourists gathered to have a photo at this iconic train. Luckily, the conductor took time to greet the visitors.

Walking around the snow capped village is truly amazing because of the detailed representation (from the spires down to the floor) of the magical world of Harry Potter.

Everyone is leading to the castle and as we go near, excitement can be felt outside. As expected, the queue lasted for about less than two hours before we reach the castle’s main door.

All riders must be at least 48 inches (120 cm) tall. No weight limit for the ride as long as they can fit in the test seat located at the queue entrance.

Test seatsBefore we enter the ride, we put our things including cellphones at the locker.

Going to the ride, we entered at the back castle door. It is dark and cold inside but we recognized everything including the Mirror of Erised, Hogwarts House Jewels, and talking portraits. As we proceeded, we walk through the dark pathway leading to the ride where everything are almost true to the Harry Potter series. We saw the Gryffindor common room, Professor Dumbledore, and also a the sorting hat. How’s the ride? It is awesome, intense and thrilling! This attraction definitely brought us into the movie scene. We followed Harry, and Ron around Hogwarts buildings and towers to the Quidditch match. We were chased by the dragon which breaths water mist with fire. As we moved into the Forbidden Forest, we encountered a large spider who spits water, a whomping willow tried to swipe us. While we were flying, there are other fearsome creatures appeared to us from the dark with blasting cold air and fog. And finally we went back into the Hogwarts main hall where we were cheered on by everybody by the Harry Potter characters. We get off the ride wanting to ride again. When asked if we want to try again, we said yes!

Arrays of shops inside the Hogsmeade

To complete our Harry Potter experience, we had a lunch at the Three Broomstick Tavern. The food here is definitely good but quite pricey.

We ordered pork ribs plate ¥2,000, vegetable salad ¥ 1,300 and gilly water ¥ 350

The best spot to take the photo of the Hogwarts Castle is at Three Broomstick Tavern where the reflection of the castle can be clearly captured.

Drinking Butterbeer is one of the best experiences we had here. Butterbeer is the most popular beverage in the Wizarding World. It is a sweet non-alcoholic drink, tastes like a butterball candy and caramel soda with foam on top. We bought it with a souvenir mug at ¥ 1,150 in one of the butterbeer stations in the village.

Of course we did the obligatory photo at this butterbeer keg.

Olivanders is a wand shop where almost every visitor go inside to buy wand or other stuff. This place is usually crowded since most of the visitors want take photos inside.

If you are a huge fan, buying the robe and the wand is a must (well, if you have the budget, why not). The robe cost is ¥ 14,000 while the wand cost ¥ 4,900. But if your purpose is just for photo ops, the staff suggested to just fit in the robe and borrow the wand and have a photo inside the store which we did.

Getting ready for Hogwarts school

Owl post is a place where you can buy official stamps from the WWoHP and send letters with certified Hogsmeade postmark.

Honeydukes is a popular sweets shop in Hogsmeade. The shop is filled with many different kinds of wonderful and wild sweets.

Chocolate frog displayed outside the store.

For the sweet tooth, this place is heaven.

Blood flavored lollipops, acid pops, skeletal sweets, chocolate wand and more

We refilled our gilly water bottle here to keep us hydrated.

We Watched the Harry Potter musical show performed on the stage. You can have a photo ops after the show.

Overall, our WWoHP USJ experience is the best so far.

Address: 2-Chrome-1-33 Sakurajima, Konohana Ward, Osaka, 554-0031 Japan

Operating Hours: 9AM to 9PM.Travel Tips:

  • Purchase E Ticket in advance but check the weather first.
  • Arrive early to avoid the long queue.
  • Wear comfortable outfit
  • Bring bottled water to keep you hydrated. Small bottle is enough as you can refill it with faucets scattered around.
  • Check your phone’s battery before leaving. All the spots are photo worthy better bring your power bank.
  • Plan ahead. Research for the place beforehand so that you will never miss anything.

Date of travel: June 20, 2019

Season: summer

Companion: Aris & Chelle

Thank you for reading!

God bless always!


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