Foodie Review: Eat Yourself Bankrupt at Robinson’s Place Manila

Kuidaore” literally means ‘to eat oneself into bankruptcy’. It is an expression used to describe Osaka people’s obsession about every delicacies they could afford.

Our Osaka trip last June 2019 gave me an idea how Japanese take their food seriously. To validate this, you may click my Osaka blog 👉Dotonbori and Shinsekai Best Food Experience in Osaka, Japan.

If you want to taste Osaka food without flying to Japan, you can have a piece of Osaka at Robinson’s Place Manila’s Eat Yourself Bankrupt.

Eat Yourself Bankrupt 

Is a 4 in 1 Japanese restaurant  food stall concept where famous dishes from Osaka can be experienced. Colorful, vibrant and lively,  capturing Osaka vibe particularly the Dotonbori Area. They even have the iconic huge crab on their wall. These are the 4 stalls the serve Osaka favorites:
  • Hanamaruken – They serve authentic comfort food ramen that is so flavorful. Big bowls of ramen that you can share with you family.

  • Attakoyaki as the name suggested, they serve variety of flavored takoyaki.
  • Ok, No! According to the staff, They serve Japanese style pancake (Okonomiyaki) topped with your choice of flavored shrimp, pork, beef, cheeze or ham and egg.

Kashikatsu Daruma it serves simply breaded and fried food on skewer with special dipping.

What we ordered:
  • Bangus unagi rice bowl has fried boneless bangus, pouched egg, dried sea weeds and spring onions this fried bangus is semi sweet and less oily. I recommend this rice bowl to those who are looking for  a heart healthy food.
  • Drunk man rice bowl has pork, two sunny side up eggs, chopped red chilli then drizzled with semi sweet and spicy sauce.  A very tender and flavorful pork meat.

Drunk Man Rice Bowl ₱ 340

  • Sparerib ramen of Hanamaruken The meat is tender and the porky flavor of soup is intense.  Served in a big bowl that’s more than enough for one person.

Spare Rib Ramen ₱ 410

  • Katsu Chicken with Garlic served with special sauce priced at P 119. This katsu chicken looks and tastes ordinary without a sauce but becomes  extraordinary when dipped in the sauce.

Katsu chicken ₱ 119

  • Takoyaki  is a famous dish in Japan originated in Osaka that are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. We ordered classic Takoyaki (7 pcs.). It tastes almost the same Takoyaki we ate in Dotonbori. An octopus cube is noticeable.

Classic Takoyaki ₱140

This crunchy pork rice bowl is another comfort food. My daughter loved  this rice bowl. Teriyakidon is a sure hit for the kids.

Teriyakidon ₱ 195

This dessert is so good! The cake was served hot making it very comforting to eat. The bittersweet taste was just perfectly matched with the vanilla ice cream. The cake itself is firm on the outside yet soft and chocolatey inside.  This dessert is indeed  a satisfying treat!

Chocolate lava cake with ice cream      ₱ 160

Good points:
  • Good location
  • Good ambiance, clean and organized.
  • Nice and neat staff
  • Reasonable price
  • Great tasting food
  • Food options are not limited
  • Quick service
  • Accepts cash or credit card

Companion: Aris and Rochelle
Tip:  Zomato Gold gives 1 + 1 on food at this restaurant. Get yours so you can enjoy the privelage. You can use my referral code for a discounted rate. SALL4278

Address: Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil Street Ermita Manila.
Operating hours: mall hours

Thank you for reading!

God bless!

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