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Museum and Labyrinth at Capilla Sta. Ana Toledo City Cebu

Capilla Sta. Ana

Our newly discovered tourist attraction in Toledo City is the Capilla Sta. Ana. It is a private chapel and museum owned by William Overs, an Irish-Canadian, now deceased and Lilian Yared Overs, a Toledo native. the fully air conditioned chapel houses religious icons, relics of saints, antique statues, and Renaissance paintings sourced mainly from Europe during their travels.

A 30-minute guided tour within the chapel is given to a number of guests. The tour guide explains everything in detail from the source down to the age the each article.

The chapel itself consists of five rooms. These rooms are locked since the most priceless collections are hidden inside but can be accessed during the tour. Images inside cannot be photographed for security reasons. There are two prayer rooms which displays rare collections of paintings and unique religious images (mostly images and paintings of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Another room that amazes us is the museum where they kept the very rare and priceless collection mostly relics of saints and religious articles used from way back centuries ago. There is also a room for baptistry where centuries old paintings and other religious articles are kept, majority came from France. The last one is the study room that serves as a pre-school classroom of their charitable foundation.

According to our tour guide, the main door of the chapel came from India. This antique door’s studs represents the wealth of the owner. The more studs, the more wealth the owner has in India.

Antique door from India

The main altar’s cross is estimated to be 400 to 600 years old, seen here also are the 17th century old altar table, bishop chair and pews all came from Europe while lamps the chandiliers came from Quebec, Canada.

Main altar

Some of the unique collections:

A beautiful antique candelabra with Virgin Mary image is displayed just before entering the chapel. Lighting of candles here is not allowed because of its old age.

1830 candelabra from Europe

There are three collections of Sto. Nino which was acquired locally at auctions. Two of them can be found at the entrance the other one is inside the museum.

One of the Sto. Niño on display
One of the rare collections of Sto. NIÑO

A replica of PIETA made of limestone of the famous Michael Angelo is displayed beside the museum. 1/3 of the ashes of the owner, Michael Overs was put beneath the statue.

A replica of Michael Angelo’s PIETA

This statue of Jesus Christ carrying the cross caught my attention because of its unique design.

The mezzanine of the chapel can be use by the choir during masses. It also houses religious artifacts and a piano organ from 18th century.

This 1859 Steinway piano on display came from New York. It was used by the choir during mass in early years. Some keys are still functioning while other keys are not.

1859 Steinway Piano

Framed vestments of European priests are displayed on both sides of the room.

Vestments of some of the European priests

No regular mass is being held here but a special mass like renewal of vows can be requested from the owner. No priest assigned here so requestor must provide an officiating priest for the mass celebration.

Beside the chapel is a LABYRINTH, a 25-meter diameter pathway with an intricate design that is confusing to take. The purpose of the labyrinth are for meditation. relaxation and reciting a rosary.

Entrance of the Labyrinth

The labyrinth in Capilla Sta. Ana has a shorter plants thus, people can see the pathways. However, it is still challenging and tiring to walk through the pathway.

Once you go inside, there is no other way out but to continue until you finish the maze. It’s really tiring but fun. Warning: do not attempt to go inside under the heat of the sun. It will take about 20 to 30 minutes going in and another 20 to 30 minutes going out. Better bring umbrella and water bottle to keep you hydrated.

It was said that by the time you finished the Rosary, you will be at the center of the maze where the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary holding the baby Jesus is waiting. You may take a rest and have some photos at this beautiful spot.

Admission Fee of P100 for local guest, 50 for student and P200 for foreign tourist. Fees collected go directly to their foundation.

Address: 920 Diosdado Macapagal Highway, Poblacion, Toledo City, 6038 Cebu.

Contact number: (032) 467 8101

Overall, we enjoyed our Capilla Sta. Ana tour and we recommend this place to everyone looking for a tourist spot in Toledo City, Cebu Philippines.

With Lis and Levie

Thank you for reading our story!

Please feel free to comment if you want to know more about the Capilla Sta. Ana or if you also had a wonderful experience here.

God bless always!

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