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Stilts Calatagan Batangas Beach on a Budget

Stilts Calatagan Beach is one of the top-rated beach resorts in the province Batangas. And, because of its overwater villas, this luxury resort was dubbed as “The Little Maldives of the Philippines.” This 24-hectare property boasts its white sandy beaches, namely Harmony, Serenity, and Destiny. The room accommodation is pricey compared with other resorts in the area but, I guess the ambiance and the view are all worth it. Budget travelers and those living in the nearby areas may opt to go on a day tour for much lesser expenses. Anyway, playing outdoor is more fun than staying indoor doing nothing. 

I recently visited Stilt Calatagan Beach with my family on a day tour. We left our house at around 4 AM and reached Calatagan by 6:30 AM. The first checkpoint we encountered was at the boundary of Nasugbu, and the second one is in Calatagan. The police officer will ask for your travel documents like the booking and the health/barangay certificate, and if they are satisfied, they will let you pass..

What to Expect at the Harmony Beach:

All guests must take a body temperature at the entrance before proceeding to the reception area for registration and payment . After payment, they will give a map and, each guest will receive a band as a proof that you are a guest of the resort. There are staff who will guide and assist guests in bringing their belongings to the cottage . Day tour is from 7 AM until 6 PM.

Most of the day-trippers are accommodated at Harmony Beach. It has a long stretch of white sand with rows of open huts, pavilions, beachfront cottages, and floating villas.

The cottages for the day-trippers depend on the number of guests. It has a kitchen sink, table/s and chairs, wall fan/s, griller, and outdoor lounge bamboo chair or hammock. There are available electrical sockets in each cottage for your electrical appliance and gadgets. Restrooms and shower rooms are just nearby in case you need one.

Cottage Rate:

  • Big Pavilion – P 3,000 good for 50 persons
  • Small Pavilion – P 1,500 good for 20 persons
  • Open Huts – P 1,250 good for 15 persons
  • Cozy Nooks (Wood tables) – P 600 good for 5 to 10 persons

The Beach: The water is clear, but adults cannot swim or wade in the water as it is very shallow due to low tide. However, kids will enjoy swimming and playing around. It is also clean, as I do not see a single piece of trash floating on the water, but the seagrass occupied a large portion of the beach. It has a creamy white sands but not powdery. There are seashells scattered around, and walking barefooted gave a relaxing feeling. It is decorated with lots feel good beach quotations, wind chimes, and lovely blooms everywhere. By the way, the gentle tinkling sound of the wind chimes adds to the relaxing vibes of the surrounding.

The resort allowed small pets without extra charge but must be on a leash. We brought our fur baby, Coco and, since the beach is not that crowded, we unleashed him for a while.

The Infinity Pool Area: The resort has an impressive infinity pool where you can swim all you want. The kids and the kids at heart enjoyed it so much. It has a very peaceful scenery with trees and flowers enveloped the place. There are outdoor showers located near the pool area for rinsing off before and after swimming. The water is clear and without a strong smell of chlorine in the pool. The lifeguard on duty is very alert and helpful, particularly to the kids. There are also smaller pools near the restaurant if in case the infinity pool becomes crowded.

It has two connecting pools, A kiddie pool, and the other one is for adults. We felt like we owned the space because there are only small numbers of guests during that time.

Infinity pool area

The Restaurant: The open-spaced wooden dining area with the view of the overwater villas offers a relaxing feel. We tried their Pinoy halo-halo, Hamburger, and Pizza as we consumed the corkage fee that we paid at the entrance.

Toilets, Shower, and changing rooms: Toilets, showers, and changing cubicles for men and women near the cottage are numerous. It has a flusher, bidet, and toilet paper in each comfort room. It is also clean and, the floorings are not slippery even if it gets wet. The water runs smoothly and uninterrupted.

Expenses incurred at the Beach:

  • Entrance Fee: P 500 for adults and kids 7 years old and above. Kids 6 years old and below are free while senior citizens and PWDs are entitled to a discounted rate. (50% down payment is required beforehand)
  • Corkage Fee: P 200 per head, consumable at the restaurant.
  • Environmental fee: P 30 per head.
  • Use of electrical appliance: P 500 for each appliance used.
  • Purified water: P 130 per round container (Hot and cold water dispenser can be rented for P 500).

Activities: Aside from swimming, the beach offers water activities with extra charge like going on a boat adventures, sandbar tours, ATV adventure trails Mangrove eco-tours, aqua sports and diving.

Overall, We had a fun and memorable stay at Stilts Calatagan Resort. Everyone was friendly and gives a good service.

Contact: 0917-5863343, 0917-5807653, 0917-5237777, or 0908-8662254

Facebook Page: Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Email address:,

Source: Stilt Calatagan Beach Resort Website

Public Transportation:
Guests can ride a van from the Calatagan Van Terminal in Pasay City. The Calatagan Van Terminal is located between Metropoint Mall and KabayanHotel.  The van will stop in the townproper of Calatagan. From there, guests can take a tricycle to Stilts.  

Guests can also take the DLTB bus from Buendia.  The bus will stop at the town proper of Calatagan. From there, guests can take a tricycle to Stilts.   

Please comment below of your experience at Stilts, I would love hearing from you.

Thank you so much!

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  1. Looks like you really had a fun beach getaway! I’ve been wanting to visit this place but never got the chance. We’re avoiding places with checkpoints for now, it’s hard to take risks in case we won’t be allowed to pass through after a long travel (we’re from Bulacan). Btw, you’ve got a cutie furbaby out there. Hi Coco!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi! I was elated you visitd my site. Yes, it was a brave move going to Batangas that time but Stilts gave us instructions on how to pass through the checkpoint. Thanks for complimenting our pet, Coco.


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