What to Expect at Sunflower Farmville, Tagaytay

Have you visited a sunflower farm lately? The first Sunflower farm I visited two years ago, was in Yaman Bukid Farm in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Just recently, I took a peek at the Sunflower Farmville in Tagaytay. Although the place is not huge, the sunflower field was worth the drive. Its bright yellow-colored petals give a sense of happiness which reminds me to always look at the brighter side of life. The scenery inside the farm offers a relaxing and cheerful vibe.

What to expect inside the Sunflower Farmville.

Brightly colored landscape – the large part of the area has covered with brightly colored sunflowers. There are also some ornamental plants, trees, and shrubs. Although the sunflowers are not as high and broad as I expected them to be, I still find them very attractive.

Sunflower field

The small bridge at the center of the farm adds beauty to the place and made it appear to be like you are in a popular farming game.

Picture-worthy background for your photo ops– While the sunflower itself is already picture-perfect, the owners of the farm provide additional aesthetics to the garden, making sure your photos are all worth sharing.

Picnic and resting areas/spots – There are spaces to relax and unwind if you get tired of walking around. You can share a shelter under the tree with other visitors. Tables and chairs are limited and subject to availability. There is a gazebo with a swing chair which is great for small families with children if you want a more private space. Picnic in the area is allowed during weekdays only. There are also some pretty outdoor relaxation chairs around the area that can be great for picture taking.

  • Address – Tibayan St. Tagaytay, Cavite
  • Official FB AccountSunflower Farmville
  • Entrance Fee – Adult 100 pesos (inclusive of 1 cup of brewed coffee)kids 50
  • Flower picking fee – 100 pesos
  • Operating hours – 7AM to 8PM Daily
  • Parking fee – 25 pesos

If you are going to Tagaytay this weekend, do check out Sunflower Farmville. Make sure to check the weather before going to the farm to get a stunning photos.

Safe travels everyone!

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