Enjoy It Fresh At Farmer’s Table Restaurant In Tagaytay

Farmer’s Table Tagaytay

Situated inside the Nurture Wellness Village, an award-winning spa in Tagaytay, this restaurant is gaining popularity on social media nowadays because of its great-tasting farm-to-table food savored in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere (well, let’s see). By looking at the customers lined up outside, I can gauge the popularity of this restaurant from the fact that customers are willing to wait to be accommodated despite the long queue.

Nurture Wellness Village entrance

Farmer’s Table replaced the Nurture Wellness Village’s former in-house restaurant, Gabriela. Although they both offer farm-to-table goodness, the new restaurant is more attractive and lively because of its interiors. Also, the food choices are different from the former restaurant.

Farm Fresh Ingredients

Farmer’s Table serves only the freshest ingredients available from Nurture Wellness Village organic farm or the local farmers and suppliers within the community.

Chef’s garden

Boutique Market

At the restaurant entrance, there’s an outlet for local produce from their organic farm, potted plants and herbs, apothecary products from Nurture Wellness Village, and some souvenirs items.

Items for sale include freshly picked fruits and vegetables from their organic farm
Potted plants for sale at Farmer’s Table
Massage oils, Aromatherapy, and natural skin care products available at Farmers’ Table Boutique Market

The Artisanal Bakery

There are a variety of freshly baked bread and pastries made from organic ingredients that you would love to bring home. I bought Kale bread, Cheese Pimiento, and Choco Caramel Cake. The Kale bread is soft and with a generous amount of Kale, while the Cheese Pimiento is very cheesy and tasty. The Choco Caramel Cake is very rich and full of flavor. I was able to enjoy those goodies at home.

The Alfresco Dining Bistro

The restaurant is fully Alfresco and with tables and chairs kept at a minimum distance for the safety of the customers during this time of the pandemic. The place is spacious and with a high ceiling for the fresh air to circulate around the area. There is a tree at the center of the dining area which gave an extra touch of nature inside.

If you are the extra cautious type of customer, you may request to use the table near the garden, outside the high-roofed dining area. This space will give you peace of mind as you are on a safer side of the restaurant.

The food we tried so far:

Plant-based Kale Salad P 395 -Kale & Romaine, Topped with Fresh Basil, Tofu Croutons, Crispy Garbanzos & Capers, Garlic Lemon Tahini Caesar dressing. This superfood salad is also super delicious and very refreshing to eat.

Kale Salad

California-Style Roasted Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken P 695 – Stuffed Roasted Root Vegetables & Kale, served with griddled lemon & an Olive-Rosemary Jus. This perfectly tendered chicken is juicy and flavorful and is presented in a very appetizing manner.

Kamote Fries & Pecorino P150. Although nothing special, this sliced sweet potato sprinkled with cheese is also worth a try if you are on a less carb diet. I like that it is not sweetened because it is already sweet in itself. It could have been more appetizing if it is crisp, sliced thinly and the cheese was generously sprinkled.

Camote Fries

Cookie Dough Cheesecake P320 – I usually skip the dessert but, how can I resist this divine treat when two of my favorites are here? This creamy cheesecake has a chocolate cookie crust and is topped with even more cookies.

Although the restaurant recommends making a reservation beforehand, they still accept walk-in customers. However,  waiting time may take an hour during peak times.

Overall impression:

  • The Service – The staff at the reception are friendly and accommodating, while the wait staff and the cashier are disorganized. It was a disappointing experience to think that we waited for an hour to get a table yet, nobody wanted to take our order. It took us another 30 minutes to be noticed by the waiter. Also, paying our bills took a long time that I approached the cashier to get my card.
  • The food – They offer quality food with the freshest ingredients available. Great tasting food.
  • The Price – Reasonably priced considering its serving size, the freshness of the ingredients, and its taste.
  • The place – The place is extensive and can accommodate a large number of guests despite the socially distanced tables. It is clean and tidy. 100 percent alfresco.
  • The Ambiance – Although it has relaxing scenery, the noise was loud during our visit probably, because of the many customers calling for the waiter’s attention. We walked around the vicinity after the meal and, it was enjoyable.
  • Pet friendly – The restaurant allowed pets inside.

Address: Nature Wellness Village, Tagaytay City, Philippines

For reservation contact: 0960 928 3142

FB account: Farmer’s Table Tagaytay

We can still enjoy dining out while we keep each other safe by practicing minimum health protocol.

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