Hi, I’m Sally. Traveling is my happy pill. Exploring places and trying out new dishes excites me. Creating memories with my husband and daughter through traveling is what I am always looking for. Sharing our experiences through my blog is my way of inspiring readers that you don’t have to be rich to travel the world.

Day Tour Guide at Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort, San Pablo City

It features religious artifacts, Chinese porcelain, Antique Furniture, Ethnic clothing, and dried butterfly collections among others

Sulyap Gallery Cafe: A Must-Try Restaurant In San Pablo City

Do you ever wish to travel back in time? I sometimes do. Whenever I get a chance to visit the countryside, I stop by and look at some historical sites in the area. I am fascinated with ancestral houses and old churches because it features our ancestor’s unique […]

Enjoy It Fresh At Farmer’s Table Restaurant In Tagaytay

Farmer’s Table Tagaytay Situated inside the Nurture Wellness Village, an award-winning spa in Tagaytay, this restaurant is gaining popularity on social media nowadays because of its great-tasting farm-to-table food savored in a relaxing and inviting atmosphere (well, let’s see). By looking at the customers lined up outside, I […]


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